When you are looking for quality dog grooming services look no further than Emily's Furtastic Dog Grooming located in Helena Dog House. We are your premier experts for all manner of canine grooming services. We pride ourselves on having an easy-going atmosphere, creating a positive and relaxing experience for your beloved pet.

Why choose us?  With over 15 years of experience, and certifications in pet CPR and first aid,  you can rest assured that Emily's Furtastic Dog Grooming will provide you with great customer service and treat your dog like family.


Emily Wood is a wife, mother, and the groomer-owner of Emily's Furtastic Dog Grooming. Her love of dogs led her to the grooming industry and after 20 years in the business, she never looked back. She is well versed in all breeds and what they need to look their best.

Beth Bensinger has been in the pet industry for 7 years with the last 5 years focused in grooming. She specializes in double coated breeds and doodles.

Our Services

Free Puppy Program

At Emily's Furtastic Dog Grooming, we know your pup may be unfamiliar or nervous about the grooming process, which is why we offer our free puppy program. Coaching owners and helping puppies get used to the sounds and process of grooming will result in a happier dog during the grooming process and at home. The free puppy program is catered to each individual situation and for any dog that may have a difficult time during the grooming process.

Dental Care

We offer a dental care program that uses a disposable toothbrush and an enzamatic gel along with a fresh breath spritz. Please note, this dental care program is most efficiant when utilized during every visit.

De-shed treatment

De-shed treatments are included with all double coated breed services, but can be requested for any dog for a small upcharge. This treatment can eliminate up to 60% of loose hair, resulting in less hair on your carpets and furniture, and a softer, smoother, healthier looking coat.

Express Grooms

Express grooms are offered for those who need their pet finished in a certain amount of time. For most small breeds, an express groom can be completed in one and a half hours. Larger breeds will require more time. There is a $15.00 to $20.00 charge for this service.