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Your pets will enjoy their stay with us here at Helena Dog House! We offer full service boarding which includes:

*3 room options depending on the size of your dog

*Multiple walks per day with extended time to run and stretch

*Option to bring whatever helps your pet feel more comfortable (bed, blanket, toy, food, treats, etc.)

*Medications can be administered, if applicable

*Bathing (additional charge if less than 5 days boarding)


5x8 Houses- $45 per night best suited for dogs over 60 lbs

**additional dog $31 per night

4x6 Townhouses- $35 per night best suited for dogs 20-60 lbs

**additional dog $24 per night

3x3 Apartments-$25 per night best suited for dogs under 20 lbs

**additional dog $20 per night

Cat Condo- $20 per night

*With 5 nights of boarding, receive a free bath 


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