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Come join us for a day of play! We offer a 1,700 sq ft of indoor play space, as well as a 6,000 sq. ft. outdoor area. Our program is set up for "Enrichment based daycare" This model allows for the dogs to have half day open group play, and half day staff led one-one enrichment. During their enrichment time, they will participate in activities such as obstacle courses, agility, nose work, food puzzles, etc. Its imperative to exercise the dogs' mentally, as well as physically!

*Getting to Know You Day (required)- a slow introduction of your dog to the group to make sure they are a good fit for our open group play. If everything goes well, your dog will be mainstreamed into the regular play group. If your dog does not prefer the company of other dogs as much, we can have "staff daycare" with them, which is one on one play time with a staff member. Some common reasons that dogs will not join the open play group include aggressive behavior to dogs/people in the play area, excessive mounting, severe nervousness/avoidance, high prey drive, or just general unhappiness in the daycare setting. We always have the safety, and happiness, of your dog and all the dogs in our care as our highest priority.

*Rules for daycare-  

  At  least 12 weeks of age with all 4 rounds of puppy shots

  If over 6 months, must be spayed or neutered

  General overall health and under 10 years of age

  Up to date on all vaccinations -Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, 

  and a Bordatella vaccine administered every 6 months 


Open group play is a social setting. Dogs who join the group are required to be previously socialized (dog parks, other daycares, etc.) Daycare is not for every dog, just like every social situation is not good for every human. 


Getting to Know You Day (up to 3 hours) - $15

Full Day (half open play/half enrichment) - $25

Half Day (half open play/half enrichment)- $20

**rates based on the first dog. An additional dog discount is also available



10 day pass $200

20 day pass $360


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